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Best places to get bulk crafting blanks to support your addiction

If you're a diehard crafter like me, you have probably spent hours and HOURS of your time surfing the net looking at the best bang for your buck...Because let's be honest here, crafting is not a cheap hobby to have.

With the world at our fingertips, it's very easy to get lost in clickbait and find ourselves hours later with one too many tabs open each containing open carts filled with crafting supplies from all over the world calculating the cheapest shipping costs from each site.

From one crafter to another, I've done a lot of research and let me tell you, one of the HARDEST things to find is crafting blanks in bulk (if you don't know what a crafting blank is, well, I have created a definition for you, and I guess I should say welcome honey you're a newbie FOR SURE)

Crafting Blank; a blank item; shirt, hat, tote bag, or any other item that has not yet been personalized. These items are hard to find in bulk and often sold with ridiculous minimums.

Here is a list of the cheaper bulk blank items (with an affiliated link).

1. Mugs

Why not buy a mug for a dollar and then use permanent vinyl to spruce it up a bit? This life hack is excellent for gifts, personalization, and you can even put them through the dishwasher (I use Cricut permanent vinyl)


2. Tote Bags

Who doesn't need an extra bag in their life? You can use them as beach bags, kids trick or treat bags, for your travel necessities, overnight bags ETC.


3. Pencil Cases

They make GREATTTTT travel cosmetic bags. They're small compact, and super cute I may add.


4. Shirts

You can find decent SHIRTS FOR A DOLLAR? can you believe it? I couldn't. With all the other sites out there that ask for a minimum count for bulk pricing? why not just get a dollar store shirt and spruce it up using heat transfer vinyl (HTV)


5. Canvas

Make your own custom sign, home decor, gifts ETC.


6. Socks

Make your own cute socks with HTV vinyl!


7. Glassware

There is a massive selection of shapes and sizes of vases, mason jars, candle holders


8. Felt Pennants

These would be great for creating custom signs for bedrooms, dorms, etc. https://www.dollartree.com/search/go?w=canvas%20banner

9. Favor Boxes


10. Flip Flops

There are so many cool things you can do with flipflops https://www.dollartree.com/search/go?w=flipflops

11. Notebooks

Put your favorite saying on a notebook!


I hope this saves you a buck or two.

From one crafter to another,

Happy Crafting.

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